Sunday, May 25, 2008

Swimming with Cochlear Ziploc Food Saver

Lily could hear at the pool today and it was great!

What a difference. Instead of fighting me as she swims, I was giving her instructions in a non yelling voice- "like close your mouth", "use your arms", "open your eyes underwater", I will hold you up"...

Today I said "paddle like a dog" and she had never thought about dogs swimming I think but said "I am a puppy"

Without hearing, swimming with Lily is more like a contact sport were I think she thinks I am trying to tickle her or chase her. Without her implant she also thinks "I can do this myself" when she really can't swim yet. And yes because she can't hear she gets very loud.

This year is better than last because she is 42 inches tall (not yet four years old) and the pool is 3 and a half feet deep(42 inches).... So she has learned to bounce off the bottom. She is also very close to being able to actually dive and swim.

We used the modified food saver and ziploc attempt as seen and detailed on a blog from Holland about Lottie Soffie -

After 3 or 4 attempts in getting the speedo bathing cap on and holding the implant coil and processor in the right spot we were able to get the cap on properly. It did take my wife and I one to hold the magnet in place and one to get the cap on.

A ridiculous scene really.

I didn't get a lot of good photos because I was in the water with Lily, but I did get one of her waiting for "the bucket" which fills up and dumps ever 2 minutes.

The force of the water actually moved her cap (see photo) and the experiment was over... But if we had avoided the bucket everything would have continued to work.

A couple more photos

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