Friday, June 06, 2008

First Cochlear Implant in Uganda

Excellent story and video of NYU Doctor and the first implant in Uganda. Plus a lot more to this video - Josh Swiller and his brother and controversies.

Young Cochlear Implant from England

Story from Britain

A baby girl who was born deaf can now hear after becoming one of the youngest people in Britain to have a cochlear implant.

Ava Pearson, 14 months old, can listen to bedtime stories and jiggle about to music thanks to the life-changing operation. She received first cochlear implant at 9 months and second cochlear implant at 12 months - Full article

What is a cochlear implant... Michael Chorost Video

So many people have no idea what is involved with a cochlear implant.

I have gotten pretty good at explaining it but this 4 minute movie may help some people... chorost video cochlear implantLike the lady staring at my daughter in the restaurant, or the people who say those are nice hair bows and wonder what is that device?

What does Cochlear Implant sound like
What is a cochlear implant

Thursday, June 05, 2008

American Gladiator Brick Reilly NBC Full Episode

Brick Reilly Cochlear Impant Interview with Laila has the full episode of Brick Reilly Episode NBC makes you watch some commercials but they separate into chapters and you can skip around. It is the May 26th episode the one with the ridiculous looking "Wolf" guy grimacing.

Besides the first ever Cochlear implant athlete on network TV there is a interesting dynamic in the episode between the female competitor De and her loving husband who is not pleased that his cocky wife couldn't win - 54:54 mark is the most telling moment.

Check out this still - I am sure the ride home was not a pleasant one.

What Happened American Gladiator Husband

The really remarkable thing was Brick Reilly dislocating his shoulder in the final gauntlet and continuing. That is mental toughness and I think most would have stopped. I can say I never have cared who wins on American Gladiator but when he hurt his shoulder I was like oh man can he hold him off?
From Webmd Dislocated Shoulder I am sure they taped all the preliminary episodes to get the top 6? for the finals so I wonder if he had any time to recover and if they have already finished the show.

The fall on his shoulder.

His shoulder bulging from dislocation