Friday, August 10, 2007

Turn on Day

March 26th Lily got hooked up with her Nucleus Freedom Processor.

Looking back now we were all very excited about the big day. I think we all expected instant results.

They hooked up to the computer ran through some tests and turned it on. It didnt bother her at all. It was definitely not like the videos you see on youtube or other cases were kids go from hearing nothing to something. Lily has had some hearing, and she still has hearing in her left ear even unaided... So when the Dr. rang the bell... on her left side, well yes she heard that.

She wouldn't respond to her name or our voices but she did pick up Shhhh sound right away - so that was pretty amazing . And she definitely cannot hear high frequency sounds. She even said something right after using Shhh sound - something like I am spinning the bear. The Doctor said it was the best hook up she had ever seen.

Magic Ear Surgery Day Details / Photos